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About Us


Shuang Qi Tours is a privately owned Tours Management Company founded in 2008 A.D. By investing in trained experienced and dedicated executives on board, our aim is to provide a platform for cultural awareness and heritage preservation in the Himalayas through the promotion of responsible tourism.

An expert in Tours Management Consultancy and the Official Tours Services Representative of Chinese Market for Nepal, Our integrated and global infrastructure provides intelligent analysis of Tours data consistent service delivery allowing our organization’s corporate Tours with a broad range of resources to help them stay satisfied, stable ownership allow us to guide clients through a rapidly changing and complex business Tours landscape.

Shuang Qi Tours is based upon our many years of experience in appealing to the Chinese market

Each route covers scenic spots and mountain, forests and Lakes, architectures and fine arts. We also have expanded our services into mainland china & Taiwan, Our experience in conducting tours guarantees the quality of our services. We strive to ensure you world-class service from the moment you first book your tour to the last moment your plane lands back in the home country. We are confident your time with Shuang Qi Tours Pvt.Ltd.